About us

History of the company

The Printel Company was established in 1995 in Prievidza and thus it has more than 18 years of experience in the field of printing of self-adhesive labels. Thanks to the permanent development of perspective ideas, our company is in a constant development cycle which began with the sale of self-adhesive labels and then continued thanks to a close partnership with American company NEC R and IntelliTech residing in Boston. This lead to the expansion of the range of services to include the sale of thermal transfer printers, thermal transfer tapes, consumable material and consulting services in the field of printing.

We gradually expanded these activities and perfected them mainly through the modernization of printing and by gaining new information which enabled us to acquire the highest possible level of quality and reliability for our products.


Current profile of the company

As the climax of the effort to be independent in the whole process of labelling products with self-adhesive labels, nowadays the Printel Company focuses on:

  •   own production of labels of various shapes, sizes, colours and materials
  •   fully coloured labels printed by flexographic printing and thermal printing
  •   labels without any print (plain labels)
  •   textile labels
  •   sale of thermal transfer printers and their accessories
  •   distribution of thermal transfer tapes
  •   consulting services in various areas of printing

If you want to find out further information about our products you will find it in the menu Products.

Since the company was established we gained a lot of information thanks to the cooperation with you and this information enables us to react quickly, promptly and flexibly to every single one of your demands.

Future goals

We permanently try to head towards modernization of the production, implementation of new technologies and increase in the quality of our services to achieve your highest possible satisfaction.